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Services Offered

Intellectual Property – Patent, Trademark, Copyright

From individual inventors to established large entities, whether starting and building a company around a new idea or expanding an existing business, Panovia Group can provide guidance to develop, protect, maximize and monetize intellectual property:

  • Patent availability. From the earliest stages of a good idea, the availability of patent protection and the desirability of seeking it may be important issues to consider. There are many factors that must be evaluated and balanced in an effort to best determine whether seeking patent protection is the appropriate course. If so, Panovia Group can provide guidance to determine patent eligibility, as not all inventions fall within the realm of patentable subject matter. Various options are also available for examining the “prior art” – the state of earlier public developments and activities in a particular field, including patents and other publications – as a means to get a sense of the likelihood of ultimate patentability of the invention.

  • Patent prosecution. The process of seeking a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is termed patent prosecution. In order to get a patent, an application must be filed and patentability demonstrated, typically through a series of complex correspondences between an attorney or patent agent and the USPTO, over a period of months or years.

  • Trademarks. Panovia Group offers assistance in determining the availability of a word(s) or design, such as a trade name or logo, for designating the source of goods or services. If available, we can help seek a trademark or service mark registration. Panovia Group also offers trademark litigation services.

  • Copyrights. Copyright registration services are available for original works of authorship, fixed in a tangible medium (that is, written, recorded or produced in some physical way). Registrable works include books, songs and poems, music, certain works of art, computer software and various forms of architecture.

  • Trade Secrets. In some circumstances, it may be determined that the best protection for an idea or invention, or other important business information, is to maintain its confidentiality. This avenue should be weighed against other forms of protection, including patents and copyrights, which may ultimately lead to or even require a public disclosure.


Business Consulting

In today’s rapidly changing environment, yesterday’s successful business model may need to be revisited. When an established business is stagnating or in decline and in need of retooling, Panovia Group can help develop a strategic plan to address these issues in an effort to survive and thrive in a competitive market:

  • Marketing, advertising, brand management. Modification of advertising and marketing strategy to complete rebranding.

  • Management consulting. Building or supplementing, and in some cases complete replacement of, a management team.

  • IP monetization. This may involve, among other possibilities, intellectual property valuation; building a business or other enterprise around IP; taking an idea to market; and/or seeking to license a product or method to a third party in lieu of production.

  • Funding and strategic partnerships


Talent & Image Management and Consulting

  • Sports, entertainment, media and literary arts

  • Entertainment-based IP

  • Building/protecting a personal brand

    • Publicity

    • Defamation

    • Use of name/likeness of celebrities; rights of publicity

    • Misappropriation of likeness

    • False advertising, unfair competition

  • Image consulting, name recognition

    • Trade identity

    • Endorsement/promotion contracts Marketing strategy

    • Business dealings

    • Talent and employment agreements

Conflict Resolution

  • Neutral third-party mediation/consutlation environment

  • Conflict area identification​

  • Non-binding mediation

  • Resolution before and without needing legal representation

Business Consulting
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